New national ID card for Kingdom of Bahrain

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        ID cards to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

        Gemalto is delivering another batch of one million eID cards to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

        This follows a first batch delivered since September 2007 for citizens and residents.
        Gemalto is also providing consultancy, related applications and training services. The high-end cards – the official ID for all Bahrainis – combine built-in biometrics as well as contact and contactless technologies. The new  national ID card  can also be used as travel documents in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, increasing speed, convenience and security of identity verification at border crossings.

        The new card is the key to secure eGovernment services.

        Bahrain biometric eID at a glance

        • Mandatory contact and contactless eID card
        • Validity is 5 years
        • Printed: name, place and date of birth, unique identity card number and blood type
        • In the chip: unique identity card number, occupation and employer, fingerprint, signature, and portrait.
        ???The card is used as an identification card for both online and offline transactions.

        The card combines 3 cards into one: the immigration ID card, riving license and Central Population Registry (CPR) card.

        The smart ID card serves as an ID, a driver's license, a labor card, an election card, a travel document, a health card and an e-payment card. The payment application can be used to pay for government services, such as water and electricity bills.

        There's more.

        Citizens and residents? are benefiting from the same technology and related services.

        ??Biometrics and privacy

        Citizens and residents can use the biometric features on the card to enter the country using electronic gates or e-gates which use a fingerprint reader to match the fingerprints stored on the card and verify the identity of an individual at the immigration.

        The national ID card uses the "match on card" mechanism. The fingerprint comparison is processed on the card using the micro-processor rather than on the reader. Because the data never leaves the card, interception of data during transfer to a reader is just impossible. ?

        GCC residents to get Bahraini smart ?ID cards?

        ?To ease transactions at service departments in the Kingdom, investors from other member states of the Gulf Co-operation Council, will get special Bahraini smart ID cards according to  Khaleej Time? of 2 April 2017. 

        Bahrain seeks to ease investments and strengthen ties with its neighbors. 

        The initiative falls in line with :

        • The Royal Decree No. 2 of 2013 regarding the usage of the identity card as a proof of a unified identity when conducting transactions and IS consistent with the eGov national strategy and the execution of online transactions
        • Article One of Law No. 46 for 2006 (regarding the ID card).

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