Gemalto Government Customer stories: Health


        • Italy - Lombardy’s service card

          Italy - Lombardy’s service card

          Making the delivery of services significantly more efficient

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        • Algeria, a complete eHealthcare solution


          a complete eHealthcare solution

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        • Smart Healthcare in Azerbaijan


          Gemalto assures smart Healthcare in Azerbaijan.

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        • Bulgaria, personal health records


          Gemalto’s European-compliant IAS Cards Secures Personal Health Records in Bulgaria.

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        • France, health


          France has always been a pioneer of smart card technology, first deploying its use in the healthcare industry in the early '90s.

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        • Germany, eHealthcare card


          Germany rolls out its second generation of eHealthcare card.

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        • Gabon leads the way to eHealth in Africa


          Gabon leads the way to eHealth in Africa.

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        • Mali, health insurance


          The Malian national health insurance fund has called on Gemalto technology to fight against healthcare fraud.

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        • Mexico healthcare


          The Mexican Seguro Popular project is a government healthcare initiative with broad political support

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        • Sweden’s digital doctors

          Sweden’s digital doctors

          NP? ( National Patient Overview) is enabling qualified doctors, nurses and other personnel to access patient’s data with PKI SITHS Gemalto cards. Patient’s consent is necessary before any doctor is able to access patient’s history..

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        •  UK National Health Service Card

          UK National Health Service Card

          In the United Kingdom, Gemalto has been providing healthcare card for general practitioners, nurses and clinicians since 2002. Gemalto supplies cards, authentication server solutions, card readers, provisioning and support. Over one million cards are in circulation.

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        • Puerto Rico’s ? Tarjeta Inteligente De Salud ?

          Puerto Rico’s ? Tarjeta Inteligente De Salud ?

          Gemalto's Sealys Health Insurance Cards have been selected to provide all two million microprocessor cards, for the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s

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        • Slovene eHealthcare initiative

          Slovene eHealthcare initiative

          n February 2008, the Slovenian Health Insurance Institute chose Gemalto and Cetis, the Slovenian leader in security document printing, to supply a comprehensive solution for its latest generation of health insurance cards.

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